2017 Holiday Recipe Hits

2017 Holiday Recipe Hits

Here are six holiday recipes our family enjoyed this year. I will probably make a few of them at other times of the year, but the cookies are a little too dangerous to be let loose regularly…

Big Bear’s Wife’s Hot Chocolate Cookies

This first thing I did the day after Christmas was brave the crowds at Wal-Mart to get treat containers for 50-75 cents apiece. I did more baking this year than ever before and next year I want to be prepared to spread the joy that is Hot Chocolate Cookies. Someone brought them to my mom’s annual cookie exchange and I’ve been hooked ever since.

These cookies are a bit more work than other holiday cookies, but they are so worth it. The second time I made them, I prepared the dough in the evening and baked it the next morning which was a nice way to split it up. The dough will be extra stiff after sitting overnight, so you may want to take it out 10-15 minutes before you get started.

Great Grub, Delicious Treats – Soft Chewy Molasses Cookies

 I found this recipe because I wanted to recreate the soft molasses cookies you can sometimes find at Walgreens for $1.00. I am occasionally obsessed with them, but they haven’t been in stock lately. This recipe makes a much better cookie (obviously) with the same addictive quality.

I gave these away as gifts and people loved them. Elizabeth preferred them to sugar cookies, which I found surprising for a four-year-old.

Laughing Spatula – Bueberry Cream Cheese French Toast Casserole

We had this for breakfast on Christmas morning. It was a hit with Mr. MLM and my parents, and I will definitely make it again. Personally, I prefer to eat it with maple syrup, but Mr. MLM liked the blueberry sauce better. Kathi of Laughing Spatula is definitely right when she says the recipe makes enough sauce to outlast the last bite. It would be good on pancakes once you run out of casserole.

Five Heart Home – Ground Beef, Egg, and Cheese Breakfast Casserole

This was the second part of our Christmas breakfast. I love this casserole because it’s low-carb, so it’s an easy way to serve eggs and sausage with something carbtastic. I also love the spice blend in this recipe. It’s heavenly and I have to restrain myself from rubbing it on my wrists as perfume.

I use ground turkey instead of ground beef. Also, I accidentally discovered that I prefer to make this in a 7 x 11 casserole pan because our 9 x 13 was taken by the French toast casserole.

The Healthy Maven’s Leftover Turkey & Cranberry Sauce Salad

We made this for Christmas Eve and served it on croissants. Then we made a second batch a couple of days ago when we had a family from church over for lunch. It’s definitely a crowd pleaser.

I use smoked paprika and add dried cranberries. Also, I don’t measure the mayonnaise or cranberry sauce. I add them liberally until it looks right. We didn’t have leftover turkey, so we used a boneless frozen turkey breast (about 2.75 pounds) each time, and it made almost a double recipe.

Budget Bytes – Cheesy Shepherd’s Pie

Mr. MLM was in the mood for shepherd’s pie, so I made this for Christmas Eve Eve (that was a thing in our house this year). This was actually the first time I ever made mashed potatoes. The KitchenAid mixer made it super easy. Actually, the whole recipe was pretty easy and it made loads of leftovers.

I am a huge fan of Budget Bytes and after trying tons of Beth’s recipes, this was the first one I encountered that was a bit less than professional. She didn’t include flour in the ingredients, but it’s needed when you follow the directions, and you can’t easily print it out. I’m not complaining though – those are minor details and it was still a delicious, easy recipe.

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