Baby Essentials: Five Favorites

Baby Essentials: Five Favorites

Like Mrs. Frugalwoods, I fought back against The Baby Industrial Complex. I tried to purchase sensible items that would do the job without draining Aidan’s college fund before he even made it to preschool. Here are my five favorite baby essentials:

Zobo EasyLight Stroller

I will never understand why people pay hundreds of dollars for an all-terrain, four-wheel drive, SUV-size stroller with six cup holders. Maybe my lifestyle just doesn’t call for such a stroller, but I suspect very few lifestyles do.

I specifically wanted a no-frills, lightweight stroller that would be easy to get in and out of the trunk with one hand. This one fit the bill and it’s been an excellent purchase. I use it nearly every day. It’s also survived a couple of vacations and two gate checks.

Fisher Price FastFinder Wide Opening Diaper Bag

Like so many baby items, the number of diaper bag options stressed me out. So did the cost. I knew I wanted a messenger bag, and I preferred a basic color or pattern because Mr. MLM would use it as well. Enter this Fisher Price gem. I love the wide opening, the just-right number of compartments, and the easy-to-clean fabric. It will also have a second act as a carryon when we no longer need a diaper bag.

Graco 4Ever All-in-One Convertible Car Seat

This item is not inexpensive, but it’s economical. I hated the idea of buying an infant car seat for several reasons. First, it seemed wasteful. We would only use it for a short time and then we would need another car seat. Second, in addition to the car seat, we would have to purchase bases. Third, I wanted to use an infant carrier rather than lug an infant car seat around.

For those reasons, we chose the Graco 4Ever. It is supposedly the only car seat that goes from “baby to booster” and if it does, it will have been an excellent investment. So far, we are very happy with our purchase. It’s sturdy and easy to adjust.

Baby K’tan Infant Carrier

Speaking of baby carriers, the Baby K’tan is my favorite. Unlike other carriers I tried, it’s easy to put on by yourself and it doesn’t require a PhD in fabric folding. It’s also lightweight and machine-washable. Aidan and I were both comfortable when we used it, which was often.

Zobo Summit High Chair

Our most-recent purchase is this basic, easy-to-clean high chair. Mr. MLM wishes the tray came off, but I actually like that it doesn’t. That means there’s nothing to fuss with or break. It’s been an excellent throne for Aidan, from which he dispenses cereal to his adoring four-footed subjects.

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