How to Take Infant Passport Photos

How to Take Infant Passport Photos

We have an international trip coming up, and Aidan needed a passport. For adults, getting passport photos is easy. You go to Walgreens, get your photo taken in front of a white background, and fork over $14.99. How do you take infant passport photos though? I knew it was possible to take your own passport photos, but it seemed too complicated so I ignored this task on my to-do list for months.

When it got uncomfortably close to our trip, I bit the bullet and researched how to take infant passport photos. It turned out to be easy (aside from getting Aidan to look at the camera, that is) and incredibly affordable. I spent $1.33, and here’s how:

I researched the State Department’s passport photo requirements.

The State Department has a list of passport photo requirements here. As of September 2017, the relevant requirements for infant photos are:

    • Your baby must face the camera directly with full face in view.
    • Your baby must have a neutral facial expression or a natural smile, with both eyes open.
      • Per the Photo Examples and Frequently Asked Questions, it’s acceptable if infants’ eyes are partially or fully closed.  
    • You must take the photo within the six months prior to submitting your baby’s application.
    • You must use a plain white or off-white background.
    • Your baby cannot be wearing a hat or head covering.

I went to Dollar Tree and spent $1.00 on white poster board.

This is how I handled the plain white or off-white background requirement. If I had a white sheet at home, that would have worked as well.

I took Aidan’s photo by laying him on the floor on top of the white poster board, in front of a sliding glass door in order to get some natural light.

This was a bit challenging. For some reason, Aidan did not think laying still on a piece of poster board was a fun activity. As you can see from our outtakes, I had to hold him down and it was difficult to avoid shadows because I was taking the photos from above. Per the State Department website, you must make certain there are no shadows on your baby’s face. I interpreted this to mean that shadows are acceptable elsewhere.

I used to size the photo.

After I finally had an acceptable photo, I used this free website to correctly size the photo and got this:

I printed the photos at Walgreens for $0.33.

After downloading the printable image from, I uploaded it to the Walgreens website and printed it for $0.33. I could have printed it at Sam’s Club for $0.14, but I didn’t feel like the extra drive was worth 19 cents.

Although I only printed one 4×6 photo, which would have created four passport photos once I cut them, I received several cut passport photos plus the original 4×6 image I ordered. It seems the photo tech made a mistake and treated the image like one of their passport photo orders. I was happy to receive the cut photos. All for $0.33!

Final Note

Aidan’s passport application was approved with this photo. He’s ready for international travel!

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