Tips for Creating a Baby Registry

Tips for Creating a Baby Registry

The first time Mr. MLM and I went to Babies R Us, we had to leave because it was just too much. I didn’t know what we truly needed or where to begin. As someone who likes to research every purchase, I was overwhelmed with the amount of time this project would take. Here are the steps I took to create a baby registry while suffering from paralysis of the analysis:

I talked to one friend about her recommendations.

My friend Katie had a baby about six months before Aidan was born. Near the end of her maternity leave, I paid a visit for the specific purpose of discussing baby gear and what worked for her family. I did not register for everything she recommended, but it was incredibly helpful to talk to someone who just went through the process. However, I am glad I had this conversation with one person instead of asking every mom I know. All that input would have increased my anxiety.

I read the book Baby Bargains by Denise and Alan Fields.

 This book helped me decide where I wanted to spend money (crib mattress) and where I wanted to save money (highchair). For those short on time, the “good, better, best” recommendations are helpful. It looks like a new version just came out.

I created the bulk of my registry online.

Although walking around the store with a scanner can be fun, it wasn’t the best use of my time. I knew I didn’t want to register for every product under the sun (I’m looking at you, Pee-pee Teepees), but having to look at everything to find the essentials made me second-guess myself. Registering online helped me focus and let me read reviews on a computer, instead of standing in an aisle with my phone trying to decide between two Pack n’ Plays.

I loosened my grip.  

 I wanted my registry to be perfect, with only the most well-reviewed items at our price point and nothing we wouldn’t actually use. This is an impossible standard to set as a first-time mom! I made educated guesses knowing I would probably return or exchange some items and it worked out well.

If you found this information helpful, stay tuned for reviews of five favorite baby items.  

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